Hi everyone! Welcome to True Violette <3

My name is Peytie Slater, and I'm here to share with everyone my love for fashion. 

Some basic things about me: 

I'm nineteen years old and started making clothes when I was thirteen. I'm attending the London College of Fashion in Fall 2020 to extend my study in fashion design and continue to build my brand. 

I attended University of California, Santa Barbara for two years as an art major, and studied many art histories and techniques which I apply to my clothing designs.  

My sophomore year of high school I competed on Project Runway Junior and placed second runner up, and had the opportunity to present a collection during New York Fashion Week through this show (You can check out my blog for more details on my time during Project Runway Junior). I used this as a platform to begin building True Violette, and I have been working on it ever since. 



Here's a little story of how True Violette came to be. In seventh grade, I was your typical shy middle school girl whose only goal was to blend in and I was terrified of standing out. One day, a popular shirt came around that read "You Can't Sit With Us", and all of the coolest girls were wearing it. My dilemma was that I wanted to wear the shirt to fit in with everyone else, but I didn't want to promote such a negative message. Instead, I bought some iron-on transfer paper and used an old T-shirt to create a shirt that read in the same font: "You Can Sit With Us". I still remember the moment I was about to walk through the gates into school while wearing the shirt, I came so close to turning around and booking it towards my mom's car. Instead, I gathered the courage to walk into school, and, to my surprise, people were coming up to me and asking if they could buy the shirt from me. From that moment on, I realized how much greater it is to stand out, and I started expressing myself through my clothing. This actually helped me move on from that awkward middle-schooler phase and grow into the outgoing person I am today. From that point, I taught myself how to sew from DIY videos on YouTube. After a couple of years of endless trials and errors, I finally learned enough of the basics of sewing to create my brand. 


The number one question I'm always asked is how I came up with the name True Violette. 

My little sister's middle name is Blue, and when I was little I was super jealous that she had a color for a middle name and I didn't (my middle name is my mom's maiden name, Sarfeh). When I was 3, I begged my mom to have my middle name be changed to a color, and she agreed to legally change it to Violet when I turn 13. Obviously, I completely forgot about this whole conversation because I was only 3 years old. For my thirteenth birthday, my mom surprised me with an official certificate saying "Congratulations! Your name is officially Peyton Violet Slater". However, my old middle name, Sarfeh, had actually grown on me and I asked if she could change it back to my original name. I decided to name my company after this story because I still feel like I'm truly Violet on the inside, even if my birth certificate says something different. 

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