• Peytie Slater

Formal & Fringe

Last weekend my school had its Winter Formal, and of course I decided to make my dress for this dance!

I felt like doing something different from what I usually do, instead of working with silk prints and leathers I tried using fringe for the first time. Originally, I wanted to make the dress all pink (considering my pink obsession), but I decided to go with red and white because I liked how the colors mixed to a light pink when the fringe moves.

I made this dress by making a pink metallic base, and basically decorating the whole thing with fringe trim. I have to say this was by far my favorite thing to make! Whenever I placed the trim, I would have to trim it in layers and shapes to give it definition, and it felt sort of like I was giving someone a hair trim (look below to see the aftermath).

Fringe was definitely scary for me to work with because it ALWAYS got in the way but I'm stoked with the outcome! Comment if and what I should do with fringe next<3