• Peytie Slater

Senior Prom Creations

For Senior Year, I actually ended up going to three different Proms, and of course had to make my dress for all of them.

For whatever reason, my absolute favorite thing to design is fancy dresses. Since I'm only 17, I rarely get to dress up in a gown or anything along those lines, so I always have SO much fun planning outfits for these kind of things.

This was the dress I made for my own school's Prom (Carlsbad High School).

This dress is actually pretty special to me, because I wanted to create something that represented myself in the best way possible. Of course I had to go with all-pink, because what better way to represent myself?

Making this dress was kind of a struggle, I've never in my life worked with mesh or tulle, so it was a bit difficult figuring it out at first. I'm stoked with the turn out, but it was pretty hilarious watching me try to dance in this dress when everyone's stepping on my train.

This is the dress I made for the second dance (Torrey Pines High School)

I've had this beautiful silk laying around for FOREVER now, and I was dying to make a gown out of it because I'm so in love with the print.

Since the print is so busy, I wanted to keep a super simple silhouette, so I went with a wrap-around style dress with some gathering details. Since it's a wrap-around, it was actually super easy to make, and only took me about three hours. I'm considering selling this particular dress on the store, what do you guys think?

I started this dress at 8 pm the night before San Marcos High School prom, but it actually was my absolute favorite dress to make! Fringe is my favorite thing to work with, it's literally like giving your dress a hair trim, and I had to trim the WHOLE thing!

It was def my favorite to dance in too. Never underestimate fringe :)

Should I make more fringe garments? I'm thinking about doing some sort of jacket...

Which dress was your fav??