• Peytie Slater

Warrior Princess Sewing Project

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Wanted to share one of my most recent designs with you!

I actually had a lot of fun making this one. Before I made this dress, I had like a one and a half month break from sewing because of the crazy amount of college apps I've had to deal with (Thankfully I JUST turned it my final app! Been working on these everyday since August so it feels amazing). So after not sewing for awhile, this was a huge breather and was so refreshing to finally get back on the sewing machine.

I made this dress from a pink floral silk from Mood Fabrics and a red silk underneath to give it some more color. The detachable harness is made from patent leather and embossed leather sewn on top. I've been really into embossing leather lately, and it's sooo easy to do. I got my supplies from Paper Source, and all you need is the embosser device, a special glue, and the color of your choice.

I wasn't originally going for the Samurai-looking theme for the dress, but I now kind of like the warrior vibes.