• Peytie Slater

Welcome to My Blog!

I'm so excited to start sharing my life with you!

The main focus of this blog will be to share my everyday outfits and all things fashion, plus a look into a day in the life.

I'm just a seventeen year old from Carlsbad High School who works at a fish restaurant, so you can imagine that it's pretty tough finding ways to buy affordable designer clothing. Throughout this blog I'd love to share with you all of my tricks to getting my hands on designer items at an affordable price.


People always ask why I'd rather save my money for one item, instead of instantly buying a ton of 10$ T-shirts from somewhere like Forever 21. In my opinion, it's completely worth the patience and money. Wearing designer isn't about "flashing brands" in any way. Personally I just have so much appreciation for the amount of thought and value that has gone into the production of that item. The high fashion industry is the only industry that actually puts care and time into the making of their clothing and accessories: from the concept, to the designing, carefully creating it, and the thoughtful marketing. I have such an appreciation for fashion, so being able to wear the best of the best is so valuable to me.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to buy more for less, I totally get the reason for that. But for those of you who value designer clothing like me and want to find it at an affordable price, I'll be sharing all of my favorite stores, websites, and tricks.

Obviously, there's a lot more to my life than just fashion. Throughout this blog I'll be sharing my travel adventures, sewing projects, health and fitness, and all other day in the life activities.

Thanks so much for reading and don't forget to check back in daily! <3